The new iOS 9.1 update is now available, improving Live Photos on the iPhone 6s with motion sensing capabilities to identify when a user raises and lowers their phone, and also adding more than 150 new emoji characters.

After years using angry faces, phallic symbols and fists together, now you can tell people how you really feel with just one character: a middle finger emoji. The disparaging digit comes in Apple’s latest update, iOS 9.1. Its biggest new feature for UK users is Apple News, which curates news from a range of different sources, including the Guardian, into a personalised aggregator.

But for most users the rush to install iOS 9.1 is really all about the new 150 emoji, and the rude one in particular. Many of the emoji have already been seen, as they are part of the Unicode 8 standard, not Unicode 9, but they’re new to iPhones. There’s a a taco, a burrito and a hotdog among the new offerings.

The update also brings bug and security fixes, plus a system that detects when you raise and lower your phone when taking Live Photos so shots of the air or feet are minimised. The security fixes, as with all updates, make it worth updating to minimise your risk from hackers.

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