When it comes to men’s blazers and pants matching, most guys play it pretty safe, or don’t play it at all and just wear suits. After all, there is a certain elegance to a coordinated outfit like a suit. But with so many men dressing for business casual offices, stylish men are learning to dress up without relying solely on suits. Matching a tailored blazer with well fitted dress pants is not an easy task. Getting this combination right speaks a lot about your personal style. If you manage matching various combinations like patterns and colors then you’re good to go! Just follow this basic guide to get this blazer/trouser combination absolutely spot on.

Normally men opt for darker colours during the winter. You could also go with black and dark grays with dark jackets. If you want to go casual, you can pair your blazers with chino pants or khakis. You could even experiment with dark red blazers with dark blue jeans. However this combination is strictly restricted to the casual section. If you want to add patterns to your jacket you could go with a maroon tie that goes well with any color of pants. During the day for a semi formal office environment you could pair a solid white shirt with a knitted tie. For a casual cocktail party you could wear well polished dark brown pants.

Always go for a light and dark combination. Khaki and cream blazers are classic. But for a change pair darker blazers with a lighter trouser, like navy blazer and beige pants. This combo is good for both formal as well as casual. Play with patterns for an interesting youthful look. You can wear a patterned blazer with a patterned pant this combination looks good if you know how to pull it off. You could even go for a blazer with pattern and solid coloured trouser. Don’t be afraid to mix up the proportions. You could go for a structured double breasted jacket or blazer with trim slim fit trousers. Similarly a fitted cropped single breasted jacket can look good with a more baggy pleated pair of pants or jeans.

The shirt in your entire outfit plays an important role. You can play up your look with a crisp white shirt and plaid jackets. Today, men’s blazers of all types come in various qualities. Always go for a tailored or custom made blazers and dress pants. Never go for the rented ones, they provide poor quality If you decide to go for a patterned Jacket then let the blazer’s pattern take center stage by pairing it with solid navy dress slacks that echoes the blue elements of the blazer. The neutral color combination works for just about any skin tone and hair color. The subtle contrast between the blazer and pants colours means this outfit won’t cut you in half visually. That makes this combination is well suited for all body types. So whether you’re a long-legged and tall, short and stocky or anywhere in between, you can pull this one off.

Finish your look with the perfect accessories. Keep things pretty subtle and low with brown shoes and charcoal socks. Try pairing dark brown knit ties with bright coloured shirts. Wear the appropriate footwear. Oxfords and brogues for formals. Loafer’s wingtips and monk straps for casual and semi formals.

Don’t be afraid! You deserve a unique look!!!


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