Buying your first luxury watch is a big step, moving from a designer/fashion brand into a more serious, often mechanical, watch manufacturer is quite a transition. So, where do you start?

Luxury watches can signify success, but they can also speak volumes about a range of characteristics that define your personal flair. Whether you’re trying to choose your first luxury piece, or add to your collection, the process can be a bit overwhelming.


As it’s your first foray into the luxury watch world, it’s recommend choosing a more commercial watch brand, one that you will have heard of and a brand that you will feel safe investing in.

TIP: Look out for brands that are specialist luxury watch manufacturers, as these brands will make the best fine watches on the market.


Ask yourself, do you need precision in your life? If you need absolute accuracy, opt for a quartz watch. A quartz watch is more accurate, lighter, flatter and often less expensive than its mechanical sister. As a first luxury watch, it’s recommend an automatic mechanical model, so you don’t need to worry about having to wind it yourself.

TIP: From a re-sale point of view, a mechanical watch will also hold its value over a quartz model.

Three main categories are associated with overall watch function:

•Manual watches have to be wound regularly to stay accurate.

•Automatic watches, also known as self-winding watches, continuously wind themselves due to the movement of your wrist when you’re wearing the watch.

•Quartz watches are often hailed as the most accurate type of watch; they rely on a battery for power and the gentle movements of a quartz crystal to stay on target.

•Digital watches rely on battery-powered electronics for functioning, although they typically don’t fall into the luxury watch category.

A subcategory of function hinges upon on whether or not the watch doubles as a chronograph. This refers to functionality that extends beyond hours and minutes. Watches may do double duty as a stopwatch or other precision measuring device.


As this is the start of your collection, it’s also recommend opting for a watch with style versatility, something that you can wear out in the evening, with a pair of jeans or down to the gym. A classic watch is a good option, as it works well for everyday wear. But remember to make sure it’s also practical for you and your lifestyle.

TIP: Look out for a watch you can adapt, with good strap and bracelet options available. This will ensure you can change the look too.


Make sure you have adequate water resistance for your first watch, we’d recommend 30m as a minimum. This will ensure you can bathe and shower with the watch, without the risk of damaging it.

TIP: If you’ve just been swimming in the sea or a pool, don’t forget to rinse your watch in cold water afterwards. Chlorine and salt can be corrosive, so this ensures the watch will continue to function at its optimum level.

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