Most of us could do a lot more to be more attractive. At the same time, no one want to seem desperate. We just want to be ourselves. But come on, secretly, we’d still like to know how to be that guy that can effortlessly get more attention. So here are the top 10 things you can do today with minimum effort and maximum effect to become more attractive.


1. Walk Taller!

Don’t mean like a stick or pencil. But what most of us generally do is this: We don’t walk as tall as we would if we felt somebody important was looking at us. Many of us bend over a little, we sit in a bent over way, we don’t carry ourselves with pride and real confidence.

Well, you can look more proud and confident simply by lifting a little bit more out of your chest and out of your abdomen. Just imagine having a string at the top of your head pulling you upward a little bit. Just engage the muscles in your stomach and keep yourself a little bit more upright than you normally would.

Push your shoulders down. That will again give you more of a sense of stability and pride. And you will notice that everyone will react differently to you. Your body language is massively important. It tells people who you are.

2. Dress As If You’re Famous!

How would you dress if you knew that your picture could turn up on the cover of a magazine? That’s the question that you should ask yourself. Most of us, we don’t take care of ourselves enough in our everyday lives and that’s why we are not as much attractive as we could. So having this “how would I dress if I was a star that could be photographed at any moment?” mindset really helps. You will make different choices about the clothes you are wearing, about your hair and about everything else that has to do with your appearance.

3. Get Positive!

When it comes to attracting anyone you need to be positive. Even if you’re meeting someone that are not positive they still would prefer to be with a more positive person. We all do. Most of us have a more positive image of ourselves then we actually bring across. So you need to show that you are a positive guy who’s going to make anyone’s life better rather than worse. That’s all.

4. Support Your Voice.

The more resonance your voice has the more your voice will resonate with others body. That means everyone will literally FEEL YOU MORE when you’re talking. When you learn to support your voice with your diaphragm your voice will change for the better. Your voice will pick up more resonance and will become more manly and more attractive.

So how do you support your voice? Here are some tips:

1. Make sure you breathe in before you speak. Most of us don’t take time to take a breath when we’re a bit nervous when we speak to somebody that matters to us. So before you say something take a tiny moment breathing into your stomach and into your chest. That way you will make sure that your voice will be supported from your diaphragm. In simple terms you could say speak from your chest rather than from your throat.

2. Keep your chest and stomach area energised. So when you speak, use your muscles in your stomach and in your chest to keep your upper body upright and not bending over. That will make it easier to have a well supported voice.

5. Always Have An Impact!

One of the problems that men have that are not attractive consistently is that they are often not actually truly TRYING to have an impact on someone.

They are often used to avoiding having an impact on people, women or men. And unless you really try to have an impact on someone you are just going to maintain a relationship status quo. You’re playing it safe. You’re eager not to offend. And therefore avoid having any kind of stronger impact.

So you need to get comfortable having an impact on people.

6. Play With Life!

Many guys that struggle to attract people are missing a vital element in the process. A sense of play. Playfulness is not very often encouraged in most professional lives. But it’s crucial when it comes to become more attractive. Arguably it’s important in the business world too. It’s crucial because it helps you to overcome much of the awkwardness and anxieties that can come up in the process of approaching someone or going on dates. Both for men and women. Always remember that dating and meeting men are in the area of fun and pleasure for women in their lives. It shouldn’t feel like work or else they will not be drawn into the process.

7. Get Curious!

Another character trait that you would be smart to develop is curiosity. If you’re not truly curious about things someone’s doing, things someone’s saying or any other things about them your always going to struggle to get into conversations that are deeper than your average chat. And creating a deeper connection is certainly one crucial element of meeting and dating.

Curiosity is such a useful mindset to have. It helps you to approach anyone in any situation in plausible ways. It helps you keep conversations going. It helps you enjoy the process and it helps her feel interesting and fascinating in your presence. So develop the quality of curiosity and it will help you become more attractive without you even noticing.

8. Become A Social Guy!

“Become a social guy” means to become a person that is regularly with people. Focus on spending quality time with friends, with new friends, with colleagues, with people you are interested in and find fascinating. Don’t just sit by yourself at home and watch TV or play video games because these activities won’t help you feel at ease when you meet someone you’re interested it.

There is something amazing that happens when you regularly do something like hanging out with friends or people you like. When you have useful conversations and you’re doing interesting things you become somebody that “gets” social interactions and can do it easily and effortlessly.

You also start to get the experience that people LIKE hanging out with you. All that will help you to meet people easily and get into conversations easily because you’ll be a social guy. Of course when you’re out and about with your friends you’ll be bumping into people left, right and centre. So make sure you take advantage of these situations. There won’t be much pressure, because you will have your friends to go back to. But there will be many opportunities where you can easily get into conversations with attractive people you bump into.

9. Become An Initiator!

When it comes to dating, when it comes to getting into a relationship, when it comes to starting a conversation with someone you need to be comfortable to INITIATE things. It’s one of the key qualities that people admire in others. So if you’re not used to initiating things in social settings you are going to struggle to all of a sudden become an initiator. Therefore you need to practice being in this state with your friends with your colleagues in your day-to-day life. It’s a key characteristic that makes anyone attracted to men so it’s worth practising all the time.

10. Get Into Free Mode!

If you are a person that always seems to be free in the way they express themselves and in the way that they say the things they say, you’re going to be very attractive to people. In other words learn to be in FREE MODE. Free mode means that at any moment in your life while you are interacting with people you have a sense of being free in what you say and how you say it and how are you are and how you behave.

When you have that sense people will notice that about you. It will feel a little dangerous, but after practising this for a while it will get easier for you. It’s exciting for anyone to be in the presence of somebody that expresses themselves freely. It’s VERY attractive.


To up your pulling power and general attractiveness pick any of these points and try them out for a while. Use the one you instantly get and could implement without even thinking. Play around with it, experiment with it in your day to day life. Notice how it makes you feel.

Keep breathing while you play around with it. Often we start holding our breath when we try something different. Watch for that.

And when you notice a difference in how people react, how you feel, then put it into your arsenal of things to remind yourself of and try out an additional tip from the list. Good luck.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but it’s a collection of easy to do approaches to making things easier for yourself. After all we all enjoy things to be easy and effortless, right?

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