Why men should wear makeup and skincare products?

Society is moving so fast and the numbers don’t lie. Every year the beauty industry is launching more and more products exclusively for men. Makeup is being embraced by men as part of a grooming routine. The formulas available in today’s market are quick fixes, look extremely natural and, most importantly, they look fresh. The contemporary man has been proving that looking after yourself isn’t related to questions about your sexuality. How you look can definitely help open doors and find the fast path to archive goals in life.

The biggest brands in the market know how important and easy the application of these products must be. It’s certain that if application requires knowledge or a professional touch, these products would never work for a man. Certainly if you ever have tried these products you will be surprised how easily you can make a big difference using only a few things and just your finger to apply to your face.

Makeup has the power to make you appear fresher, well rested and assomeone who takes care of themself. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a confident one. Remind yourself that even if you workout 6 days a week and never fail with your strict diet, it doesn’t means that you will always have the x-factor in your skin. For those moments, the illuminating pens can be your best friend. Also remember that at the end of the day, it’s just pigment and lotion and can do wonders for anyone and anywhere.

Here we go with some powerful tools to improve your sex-appeal:

Dior one Essential Serum: Is the first fundamental daily skincare that combats toxins by reinvigorating the elimination process in order to restore the skin’s luminosity. It features a three-dimensional action: it detoxifies by continuously eliminating toxins and freeing the flow of energy at the heart of the skin.

Dior Dreamskin: Is exceptional skincare that pushes the limits of traditional cosmetics. For the first time, a skincare treatment is capable of acting simultaneously on the quality, evenness and youthful beauty of skin.

Laura Mercier BB Cream: A perfect blend of skincare and makeup that hydrates skin and softens fine lines with a sheer hint of color for a healthy, dewy glow.  This moisturizer features an antioxidant vitamin complex of vitamins C and E that acts as a free radical scavenger to protect the skin from even the most aggressive effects of the environment. A powerful moisturizer in its own right, it is powered with sodium hyaluronate to hydrate skin and soften and ease fine, dry lines.

Concealer Tom Ford: Every man’s face occasionally suffers from redness, blemishes, under-eye circles or razor nicks. These things can be swiftly camouflaged with concealer in a natural-looking way. Tom Ford for men  concealer is a practical , simple tool: A twist-up that is offered in three shades. It can be applied with your fingers after your moisturiser or eye treatment, and it will seamlessly blend into the skin as it hides imperfections.

Stick Foundation Tom Ford: Creates a flawless and smooth finish. Portable and precise, it achieves versatility of sheer, medium or full coverage, always beautifully natural and undetectable. Or when used as a concealer, it swiftly diminishes imperfections.

Gel Sculpture in Silhouette Illamasqua: A unique contouring gel creation that offers subtle definition to cheeks with ease. The hue of Silhouette creates a delicate shadow under cheekbones and along the jawline which can be blended with ease to achieve beautiful, natural contours.

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